Stop Chasing Perfection and Start Living a Happier and Healthier Life! 
Break the Mould
Break the Mould: Become Fit, Fierce and Fearless in the Life You Deserve Book & Online Course
This one week online book & course will help you:

~ Let go of past labels

~ Overcome criticism and feel confident

~ Defeat the challenges that come with change

~ Get off autopilot and go after what YOU want

~ BONUS 1: A 5 step plan to help you regain energy, take back your time, and improve your health.
Kelly - Mom of 2

Kelly, mom of 2 from Toronto Ontario said, 

'Lisa gives you permission to let go of the labels of your past (whether pushed on you or given by yourself). Her inspirational story empowers you to be defined only by who you want to b e and your own drive. Her story is uplifting and gives you quick tools to start transforming your life starting now."

Erica - Mom of 3

Erica, mom of 3 from Texas said, 

"I absolutely LOVE this book! Lisa hit the nail on the head with so many great points. There were several times I could hav e sworn you were in my head!"

Carla - Mom of 2

Carla, mom of 2 from New York said,

"Lisa is courageously sharing her most vulnerable self. I have found myself thinking about my insecurities, my labels, my fears. They are very deep and personal, and emotional. My heart is racing with emotions and I overflow with a sincere appreciation for Lisa sharing her story."

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PLUS +++
"Why you need to make a change in your life now!" (25 Min Training)
Along with the book, you get the 25 minute FREE training, " Why you need to make a change in your life now!"

It's helps you understand:
1. Why you are feeling pulled in a 100 directions and how to fix it.
2. Why you're procrastinating and how to fix it.. NOW!
3. How to focus on the ONE thing that needs to change in your life now.

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