Tired of feeling run off
of your feet? I have a solution.
You don't have to feel like there aren't enough hours in the day.
You can slow down and still accomplish all your to-do's.
You can make it all work and still have time for yourself.
You’re Good.
That's why everyone asks YOU for help.

The classic people pleaser in me always said yes, and it got to be too much.
I was drowning.

I needed to manage my priorities and my time.
I made 4 simple changes to my routine.
It brought back the
passion and fun of the day.
As a Mom, Wife, RN, Coach, Trainer, and Entrepreneur,
I balance a lot.
And I’m sure you do too.

Which is why I created my 7-Day Time Management Empowerment

It helped me create a routine I love,
and I know it will help you too!
This 7 Day Planner Teaches You How To
  • Realize what's priority, and what's non-essential.
  • Stop spending your time with people you don’t like, doing things you don’t want to do.
  •   Wake up MOTIVATED, and take care of YOU yourself before the rest of the world needs you.
  •   Empower others by delegating or simply saying NO
"Today I called a friend who had invited me to a special event this weekend and tell her that I could not join her because I had another commitment earlier in the day with my son and frankly I do not want to limit the time I spend with my son by rushing off to a party. It's a felt good to say no and do what is right for me and my family."

"My ego says, "you're faster, just do it" "you don't need help, because you CAN do it yourself. “My pride also jumps in there too though making it even harder to ask for help.  After completing this planner course with Lisa, I learned that my time is best served focusing on my son and my health, happiness and growth." 

" After completing this planner course with Lisa, I took a small step and managed to get up earlier than my family, and I got in a walk. It was refreshing to have some quiet time. On my walk I used the time for reflection and affirmations and to feel like me."
The Steps that I Teach You Have Completely Changed My Life
I’m 100lbs lighter.
I’m a calm, fun mom that my son wants to hang out with.
We bought date days back into our marriage.
I’m a booming entrepreneur that doesn’t have to worry about how to pay the bills.
I have hobbies- something I swore I didn't have time for.
I’ve found ME again.
In my training, I am going to teach you how to prioritize your day, and focus on your needs so you can spend your time doing the things you love.
The plan Includes
  •     A 7-Day Downloadable PDF Planner to help you maximize your time.
  •     A private Facebook Students Group for coaching, mentorship, and support.
Free Bonus
 FREE PDF Planner ($19.95 Value)
 30 Minute Video Training that accompanies it ($49.95 Value) to help you maximize your energy.
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