Lisa Pezik
banish Belly bloat, gain energy, lean out your body, and Feel empowered!
This E-Book is a simplified approach to understanding macros without getting a science degree or doing hours of research! Say good-bye to frustration, overwhelm, and re-bound weight gain because your plan isn’t sustainable.

Understanding and applying macros
can be simple so that you have control over your nutrition for life and sTOP the Yo-Yo dieting!
I’ve broken it down into 5 concepts of how to:


Have self-compassion aka stop telling yourself that you “fell off the wagon” and can never achieve the body you want because you had kids, or your genes, or your lifestyle or whatever excuse holds you back.


Understand macros, Know exactly what to eat and what proper portion sizes are with balanced meals of protein, carbohydrate, and fats.


Love the flexibility that the IIFYM (If it fits your macros lifestyle) can bring so you never have to stress about what to eat at holidays, functions, events, and traveling while keeping a mindful approach to your health.

Start Loving Yourself

Love your body, embrace your body type, and start tapping into the body’s natural fat burning process instead of working against your body and storing stubborn fat.

Wait? What? I Can Have Alcohol

Enjoy alcohol without feeing guilty! Restrictive, unrealistic expectations never work!
Lose Up To 7lbs In The First Week!

Shari, Hockey Mom

Shari, a busy hockey mom who spent many long hours at the area, lost 12lbs with grab and go foods and a macro lifestyle that is flexible.

Kim, Busy Mom

Kim, a busy mom of 4 boys and a full time ER nurse, lost over 15lbs in 2 weeks and rid her body of inflammation. She overcame her feelings of guilt around binge and emotional eating and created a lifestyle of strength and confidence.

Linda, TV Show Host

Linda, a TV show host, lost a dress size and felt more confident in the public eye once adopting my macro lifestyle and plan.


And I personally lost 40lbs in 4 months, and went from a size 12 to a size 2. I re-ignited my confidence and I’m proud to be a healthy role model to my son!
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Whether you are a stay-at-home-mom or full time
professional who desperately needs energy and wants to
look and feel better,  or you are wanting to be a bikini
this E-book will get you the results you’ve
been wanting!